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Repossession is a billion-dollar industry that
affects the lives of thousands of people every year.
The National Geographic Channel follows agent
Larry Pittman and his team as they track down vehicle
owners who vanished without a trace after their purchase.
As seeon on National Geographic Channel
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Often forced to operate under the cover of night, they wait until dark to search for clues from family, friends, mailboxes and even garbage. When a Cadillac owner is believed to be in the county jail, they'll track down the girlfriend who has been driving the vehicle. Next, meet a man whose ex-wife has neglected to make payments on a Chrysler 300. And finally, agents go in search of an unemployed plumber who owes money on his truck. He is seemingly honest about his difficult financial situation, and the team helps out by finding him an affordable vehicle to use in the meantime.

All this and more as The National Geographic Channel brings you "Repossessed".
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